Case Study – Kas Africa Diesel Generator

Case Study – Kas Africa Diesel Generator

Location : Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa.

Purpose : To provide back-up, secure emergency source of power.

Supply: 1000kva Diesel Generator powered by a Baudoin engine.

1000kva Diesel Generator in transit to Midrand, Kas Africa premises.

Power to reduce downtime at Kas Africa due to loadshedding and power outages

Kas Africa is a leading contract manufacturer of personal, home, baby and oral care FMCG products and operates one of the continent’s foremost manufacturing plants in terms of size, volume, research excellence, product variety and capability standards.

Until recently, these state-of-the-art facilities have relied on the utility grid (Eskom) to supply continuous power. However, the need to prevent power outages from disrupting its day-to-day work and halting production prompted the Kas Africa to create its own standby power system in case of any power failure.

From Supply to Commissioning

We (Waygen Generators), created the back-up solution for Kas Africa, choosing the 1000kva Diesel Generator which is powered by Baudoin engines and customized with all the features best suiting the needs of their establishment. The generator was successfully installed at the Kas Africa factory, tested and commissioned to make sure it was functioning optimally well.

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